Winter 2016
Number 16

Table of contents

Forthcoming papers

«Language personality as a new object for dialectological research» (Ekaterina Ivantsova, Russia)

«El uso de [aw] en el español vasco: influencia del origen familiar y las redes sociales» (Maria Ciriza, Dallas)

«Reflexes of the transitive be perfect in Canada and in the US: a comparative corpus study» (Yuri Yerastov, Kansas)

«Russian in Beserman Oral Discourse: Code-mixing and Borrowing» (Maria Usacheva & Olga Biryuk, Moscow)

«Reduplication with Fixed Segmentism in Central Sarawani Balochi (Bahareh Soohani, the Netherlands; Abbas Ali Ahangar, Iran & Marc van Oostendorp, the Netherlands)

«Three types of prepositions in Spanish se sentences consequences for cross-dialectal studies (Ángel J. Gallego, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

«The register of games: a study of the languages of the games in India» (Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, India)

«Case variation in unstressed third person pronouns in the Linguistic Atlas of the Iberian Peninsula» (Olga Leon, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

«The phonological behaviour of nasal segment in English loanwords in Kelantan dialect» (Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar et al., Malaysia)

«Variation linguistique dans le parler arabe d'Oujda: nord-est marocain vs. Communauté marocaine dans la diaspora» (Montserrat Benítez, Universidad Complutense / Universidad de Granada)

«Phonetic detail and variationist phonology: the case of (t,d)» (Rosalind Temple, Oxford)

«A sociolinguistic analysis of taboos and euphemisms in an Arab» (Seyyed Hatam Tamimi, Iran)

«Estudio empírico sobre la actitud hacia los usos de la modalidad andaluza» (Rafael Crisman, Universidad de Cádiz)

«Las mutaciones del gaélico irlandés» (Ignacio Vázquez, Portugal)

«Vocabulario pesquero del norte de Marruecos» (Amina Naciri-Azzouz, Universidad de Zaragoza)

«Sikh and Hindu Indian Thai naming by semantic domains» (Warintorn Benjasri, Thailand)

«Translating Dialect Embedded in Najdi» (Sayed Ismail, Saudi Arabia)

«Passivization in Ilami Kurdish: A Role and Reference Grammar Analysis» (Amir karimipour, Iran)

«Variation and shifting in Arabic and identity» (Hassan R. Abdel-Jawad, Oman)

«New Yoruba idioms and idiomatic expressions: a new mode of expression in political arena» (Dayo Akanmu, Lagos)


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