BELLS 14 Autumn 2005

Editor / Coordinator:
Joseph Hilferty

Comité Científico / Advisory Board:
María Luz Celaya
Eva Giménez
Joan Carles Mora
Teresa Navés
Ana Rojo
Raquel Serrano
Javier Valenzuela
Isabel Verdaguer

María Pilar Agustín Llach
Esther Álvarez
Ana Almagro Esteban
Lázaro Carrillo Guerrero
Almudena Fernández Fontecha
Joseph Hilferty
Natalia Judith Laso
Soraya Moreno Espinosa
Anna Poch
Cristina Soriano
Javier Valenzuela
Isabel Verdaguer

Table of contents


An Interview with Antonio Barcelona and Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza

Joseph Hilferty

Cognitive Metaphor and Empirical Methods

Javier Valenzuela & Cristina Soriano

Working hard on the concepts of HARDNESS and DUREZA: A contrastive study of the words HARD and DURO

Natalia Judith Laso, Anna Poch & Isabel Verdaguer

Second-Language Aquisition and Bilingualism  

Aprender a narrar: formas temporales y sus funciones en un niño de siete a nueve años de edad

Esther Álvarez

Differences in the Written Production of Young Spanish and German Learners: Evidence from Lexical Errors in a Composition

María Pilar Agustín Llach, Almudena Fernández Fontecha & Soraya Moreno Espinosa


Texto y realidad: procesamiento retórico

Lázaro Carrillo Guerrero

Book Review  

Review of Smith, Tricia. 2001. Market Leader. Business Law. London: Longman, pp. 96.

reviewed by Ana Almagro Esteban


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